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Club Rides Sunday 30th November

By November 27, 2014Uncategorized
Back on the bike again this Sunday after 3 weeks off doing other stuff, so you will need to be gentle with the old boy!
with this in mind i plan to ride over to Pamber Green for the cafe stop.
2 groups will be out if enough turn up with me leading the slower group direct to the cafe, and the other group taking the longer route there and meeting us for cake.
My route will be mostly flat Ish so if you have not been for a while this is the ride to get you back in the saddle, distance will be less than 40 miles and average speed of 15 mph
i will have a few bits of club kit with me on Sunday, if you have ordered tops and not had them yet you need to bring some cash with you. or if you want anything let me know and i will check stock and bring it with me Sunday.