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Sunday 13th March

By March 2, 2016Uncategorized

Sunday 13th March 2016. This weeks club run will be from Odiham to Bentworth down into New Alfresford. (Coffee stop just off the route at Long Barn, if that is what people would like). Back on route via the Candovers, up the hill to Farleigh Wallop (you know you love it really), drop down into Cliddesden and then up to Old Basing, finish off on this months club segment and back into Odiham.

The route can be found here (https://www.strava.com/routes/4330008)

Distance 42 miles. Elevation 2465 feet. The younger ones can work it out in metres if you would like.

Speed aiming for 14-16 mph average.

Weather is looking good with a high of 12C.

If we have enough people we can split into two groups one doing the advertised pace and the other just a smiggen quicker!!!. if they so desire.