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Sunday 22nd May

By May 19, 2016Uncategorized

This week we are going on a slightly lumpier route. Out from Odiham to Lasham. Upto Bentworth and Medstead. Cut over to Four Marks, follow the road until you reach the A32. Take a right to Colemore and follow until you get to East Tistead. Drop down into Selborne and Oakhanger. Cross the main road and head upwards to Binstead followed by Isington and Bentley. Up and over the top to Crondall and the back round to Odiham.


Ride Distance: 42.9 miles (69km)
Ride Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 hours without a coffee stop
Elevation Gain: 2619ft (798m)
Speed: 14-16mph (22.5-26kmh)

Weather this weekend is changeable so come prepared.

There a few lumps and bumps in this weeks adventure especially near the end. Can I ask that we look after each other and if the stronger riders could provide advice and encouragement to those that are not as good on the hills that would be greatly appreciated. No one likes being last up to the top.

See you all Sunday 09.00 at "Next Door" in Odiham High Street