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June – Well to Crondall – Top to Bottom

By June 2, 2016Strava

Yep, you're read it right! Top to bottom and not the other way around. After some tough up hill segments the strava fairies have been kind and added a downhill segment for June. Don't be fooled, it will still take some pedal power. At 4.1km it's our longest segment yet but at -2% average it should prove to be a fast one.

The current KOM and QOM aren't held by OCC members but if recent segments are to go by I'm sure that will change! Good luck to all involved.

Just to re-enforce the rules of the segment challenge, all riders are reminded you take part at your own risk. Please be careful and don't take any unnecessary risks on the descent.

The segment can be viewed here: https://www.strava.com/segments/4407663

The results are in! Check out below to see how you get on, as expected the big engines came out to play this month and it wasn't so easy going for the featherweights of the club. Well done to James Smith and Jackie Lawrence on taking the crowns, here's how the overall looks:

Mens table end of June

Womens table end of June