Sunday Club Rides

Start at the Red Lion pub on the High Street at 9am. We aim to publish the route of the forthcoming Sunday ride, along with a schedule of rides, in advance – where possible, we will also try and issue GPS data of the route in advance as well. Any member can volunteer to set the week’s route, thus giving a good variety to the rides, which often include a café stop mid way round.

Every 1st Sunday of the month is the Super Sunday introductory ride, this is a get to know you ride of about 20/30 miles  and is for new riders to try out the club rides at a more relaxed pace before joining. If you are a none member you are allowed to come on two club rides before you join, after two rides you will need to be a member to ride with the club, this is for our BC insurance and there are no exceptions.

Rides vary in length from 30 to 50 miles.

The speed of the rides will be between 14 mph and 19 mph depending on who is out and the route taken.  Rides can split into groups of varying speeds dependent on numbers, and are very sociable and inclusive events. Amongst club members, there is a wide range of cycling experience and fitness, and as such there is generally always someone who will match your pace. However, Riders are expected to meet the average speeds indicated, so we ask that you be realistic on your level of fitness and ensure that you are able to keep up with the pace of the ride.  We also ask that your bike is in good repair and that your tyres are suitable for the road and weather conditions.  Where riders do experience mechanical problems or punctures we will, as a group, always try and stop to quickly undertake the required repairs. All Riders should carry a pump and spare tubes along with drink and food or a gel. Riders must be able to make their own way home in the event of an incident, mechanical failure or fitness levels and, therefore, it is also recommended that you bring some money / credit card and a mobile phone with you.

If you have any doubts or concerns about a Sunday, or any other forthcoming, ride, please ask for details of the route in advance so you can decide if it is one you can manage at the average speed.

This is especially important to new riders who have not been out with us before. Where possible, we may be able to split into a slower group before we set off, but we can only do so if Riders are upfront about their cycling abilities and fitness levels.

The average speed is also important for the upper limit.

If you think that 19 mph is too slow, or if you want to go racing off, then the Sunday rides are not for you - we do have faster rides at other times during the week and during the summer.

All riders should carry:

  • Pump and spare tubes.
  • Drink and food or a gel.
  • Money / credit card.
  • Mobile phone.
RideStart PointDistance (Miles)Climbing (Metres)Road typeLink
Ride 1Odiham High Street50880Back lanes, B roads
Ride 2Odiham High Street38450Back lanes
Ride 3Odiham High Street56670B roads
Ride 4Hook Parade28270B roads
Ride 5Odiham High Street801000Back lanes
Ride 6Odiham High Street701200A roads, B roads
Ride 7Odiham High Street60900Back lanes, B roads
Ride 8Odiham High Street25300Back lanes
Ride 9Odiham High Street42751Back lanes, B roads
Ride 10Hook Parade50458Back lanes, B roads
Ride 11Hook Parade70675Back lanes, B roads
Ride 12Odiham High Street42731B roads
Ride 13Hook Parade41330B roads
Ride 14Odiham High Street30306B roads
Ride 15Odiham High Street39300Back lanes, B roads
Ride 16Odiham High Street41450Back lanes, B roads
Ride 17Hook Parade37275B roads